bandiere sulla sede comunale di Pescasseroli

Flags on the town hall of Pescasseroli

The St. Anthony district, considered the heart of the village, was once outside the historic centre. The ancient church, documented at least since the 14th century, underwent several restorations and was oriented with the entrance to the south. A legal dispute was opened between the Municipality, which here established the schools between 1908 and 1913, and the diocesan curia, that accused them of having usurped the rights of the diocese and the parish.

vecchia fotografia della fontana in piazza Sant'Antonio (foto PNALM)
Old photograph of the fountain in piazza Sant'Antonio
S.Antonio abate in una finestra policroma dell'abbazia
St. Anthony Abate on a polychrome stained-glass window of the abbey

The old ancient church of St. Anthony disappeared for leave place to the town hall

The municipal administrators wanted to demolish the old church to build the new town hall, expanding the site. Two wings were added to the original plant and structure of the building. From 1929 the Mayor’s residence (podestà in the fascist period) is in the current town hall, with the council chamber at the first floor. On the right side, a room hosted for years the public telephone company Sip.

partenza dell'edizione 2013 dell'Ecolonga, storica gara podistica dell'ASD Pescasseroli
Start of the 2013 edition of the Ecolonga, historic running race of the ASD Pescasseroli (amateur sporting association)
il falò della festa di Sant'Antonio il 17 gennaio
The bonfire of the feast of St. Anthony on January 17
vecchia foto della piazza, lato municipio (foto PNALM)

Old photo of the square, town hall side

The sign of the Company Second Herbs, local institute of agricultural cooperation, remains behind on the left. Near the town hall, the monumental four-sided fountain arose, first surmounted by a lictorial fascism, then by the statue of the Immaculate. An old trough was removed.

epigrafe del Parco sul municipio in Piazza Sant'Antonio
Epigraph of the Abruzzo National Park at Piazza Sant'Antonio
effige in legno del Comune Pescasseroli raffigurante San Paolo
Wood effigy of the town council of Pescasseroli that represent St. Paul
animali esposti in piazza per la festa di Sant'Antonio abate
Animals put on display in square for the feast of St. Anthony Abate

On the square, mainly in the summer of Pescasseroli, cultural, political and sports celebrations take place. The major annual events are held here. Among them, the feast of St. Anthony Abate every January 17, with the lighting of a bonfire, the blessing of fire, water, animals, and the procession of the statue preserved in the parish church.

cerimonia di benedizione della Madonna Immacolata in Piazza Sant'Antonio
Benediction service of the Immaculate Madonna at Piazza Sant'Antonio
palazzo municipale durante le festività invernali
Town hall during the winter festivity

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