Largo del Carmine adornata per l'Infiorata del Corpus Domini (foto Stefano Dark)
Largo del Carmine adorned for the Flower Festival of Corpus Domini

The church has a single nave plan and a bell tower. The original colours of the chapel can be admired thanks to a recent restoration. To the entrance you access by a staircase with semicircular steps. The portal is characterised by a broken tympanum and a coat of arms at the centre. The statue of the Virgin that is inside of Foggia school dates back to 1860, whereas the Madonna preserved in the niche, of Neapolitan school, to 1600.

bianco e nero della Chiesa del Carmelo (foto PNALM)
Black and white of the church of Carmel

In the late nineteenth century, in a period of conflicts between Catholics and Protestants in the village, an inscription on the facade was realised by the parish priest: “ERECTED AND DEDICATED TO THE STAR OF CARMEL BY FATHERS’ COMPASSION REDUCED IN HOVEL BY IMPIETY OF CHILDREN REVERTED TO ANCIENT HONOUR BY DEVOTION OF THOSE PRESENT – 1898.” The inscription disappeared with the 1952 restoration.

portale della chiesa del Carmine (foto Stefano Dark)
Portal of the church of Carmel

The new portal was inaugurated on March 23, 1975 donated by Nunziato Notarantonio, with bas-riliefs executed by the sculptor Eraldo Cipriani with drawings by Nicola Vitale, surveyor and former mayor of Pescasseroli.

campanile della chiesa del Carmelo dal retro (foto Stefano Dark)
Bell tower of the church of Carmel

Behind the church there is the Costa Grega: from here to Malafede probably there is the first human settlement, as early as the sixth century BC, which was to become the oldest district of the town, which connected the Castle to the Church of St. Paul, today abbey. Nearby, there is Pozzo Guerrino (or Q’rrin’, or Guerrillo) and in front Valle Cicala, other ancient districts of Pescasseroli. Characteristic is Via Barone Gentile and especially Via della Chiesa, the main artery of the old town.

Chiesa del Carmine, interni (foto Umberto Esposito)
Church of Carmel, interior
particolare sulla facciata della chiesa del Carmelo (foto Stefano Dark)
Particular on the facade of the church of Carmel
presepe in una finestra di v. Barone Gentile (foto Stefano Dark)
Crib on a window of Via Barone Gentile
targa a ricordo di Jurico (Cesidio Gentile) in Largo Costa Grega, alle spalle della chiesa del Carmelo (foto Stefano Dark)
Plaque for remember of Jurico (Cesidio Gentile) at Largo Costa Grega, at the back of the church of Carmel
crocifisso restaurato nella chiesa del Carmelo (foto Stefano Dark)

Restored crucifix in the church of Carmel
crocifisso della chiesa del Carmine prima del restauro del 6-7-2013 (foto Stefano Dark)
Crucifix of the church of Carmel before the restoration of July 6th 2013

Text by Stefano Dark – Images by Umberto Esposito, Stefano Dark and NPALM

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